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MA or PhD students at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema / Concordia University can gain access to the password protected "Graduate Study" and "Teaching / T.A / R.A" sections via email.

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Welcome to the Grad Aperture Site!

Grad/Aperture is the student-run website for graduate students of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University. This website features information on grad student life at Concordia university more generally, as well as resources targeted more specifically at Film Studies MAs / PhD students.

Certain areas of the site require a login password, if you are a student in the MA / PhD track you can visit the About page to contact a site admin about gaining access.

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Navigating the site

The Grad Aperture site now has this sleek new look and better navigation, so here's a brief explanation of where things are!

Calls for Papers

These are accessible via the top menu, and are now divided between recent calls and the CFP archive.

Features | News

This section contains features written by grad students and updates on faculty accomplishments, general news in film studies and the media events and screening section focusing on festivals and non campus specific events.

Grad News

This section specifically pertains to student run / focused events and also includes the student shout out blog for tracking grad student accomplishments.


This section features general resources that are openly available, such as the master link list, general FAQs and graduate life tips (like how to get your IDs, pay your tuition, etc.)

Graduate Study

This is the locked part of the site which contains various not public resources on grant writing, thesis work, teaching, etc including some generously donated samples.


This links to the content from all the other news and article feeds and provides search functionality. If you're looking for a specific CFP or piece of news, your best bet is to search here.

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