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A Short Guide For International Students III Getting Your SIN

You will need a Social Insurance Number in order to work within Canada on and off-campus. You can find information about how to get your SIN number on the Service Canada website. The SIN number is also required for taxation processes.

You can apply for your SIN once you have signed your contract with Concordia or an employee off-campus. You have to apply for your SIN card in person, in a Service Canada centre. The nearest centre from Concordia’s downtown campus is just 20 min walking distance:

Montreal Downtown/Southwest Montreal Service Canada Centre Guy-Favreau Complex, Office 034 200 René-Lévesque Blvd West Montreal, Quebec Phone: 514-522-4444 Fax: 514-496-5951

→ You will need to present the following documents:

  1. If you plan to work on-campus you’ll need to bring your passport, your Study Permit and a completed Concordia Employment Contract printed on Concordia’s letterhead that they will give you at the Film Studies office once you sign your contract.

  2. If you plan to work off-campus you’ll simply need to bring your passport and your Work Permit.

There is no charge for first-time applications. They will issue your Social Insurance Number right away and your will get your card by mail within ten business days. If you loose your SIN card or it is stolen, you will be charged a $10 replacement fee. So, better keep it home and don’t take it around with you.

Once you get your SIN number remember to send it to the Film Office in order to complete your employee information and start getting paid for your work.

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