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CFP: Business Innovation and Disruption in Film, Video and Photography

Call for Chapter Proposals

Business Innovation and Disruption in Film, Video and Photography

Vol. 2 in the Business Innovation and Disruption Book Series

Co-Editors: Robert DeFillippi and Patrik Wikström

MEDIA XXI Publishers, 2013

This volume will examine how the industries for film, video and photography (FVP) are undergoing a process of disruption and transformation due to the technology of the Internet, social forces driven by social media, the decreasing costs of new information, and the creation of new business models and forms of intellectual property ownership rights for a digitized industry. This volume is soliciting chapter proposals from a multidisciplinary array of scholars who can contribute to one or more of the following themes:

  1. Disruption of the industry structure and value chain relations

  2. Transformations in user behavior, particularly related to user innovation, including crowd sourced innovation

  3. Business model innovation and transformation

  4. Innovative funding models for FVP production including crowd funding, international funding schemes, government grants, etc.

  5. Intellectual property innovations in the FVP industries

  6. Innovative modes of content creation, aggregation and distribution

  7. Case studies of innovative modes of business response to disruption challenges

  8. Assessments of prospective economic winners and losers in the FVP eco systems

This volume is seeking manuscripts that can address the above topics through a variety of modes of analysis: institutional analyses, quantitative empirical study, case studies, and theorybased simulations or modeling. Our intention is to offer a plurality of theoretic perspectives and empirical methods from diverse social science, business and creative industry disciplines that can inform a more holistic understanding of the forces shaping the image focused creative industries (film, video and photography) and shed some light on the impact of those forces on how image content is created, aggregated and distributed, and on the economic and social consequences for industry producers and consumers.

Submit your chapter proposal by Microsoft Word email attachment. We would most appreciate a three to five page proposal outlining your chapter and identifying your theoretic and empirical method approaches and selected topics related to business innovation and disruption in film, video and photography. Include as a separate file a brief biography covering your current institutional affiliation and position and a listing of your relevant publications and educational background and any other pertinent information on your qualifications for contributing to this volume. Deadline NOVEMBER 1, 2012.

Send proposals and inquiries to Robert DeFillippi

Find the full Proposal in PDF format here.

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