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CFP: Cinephilia Graduate Symposium

Deadline for abstracts: Rolling

Cinephilia: The Past, Present and Future of Film Scholarship, Practice, and Spectatorship

3rd Annual Carleton University Film Studies Graduate Symposium – March 15th-16th, 2013

This year’s symposium will focus on the phenomenon of cinephilia and how the critical study, production and exhibition of film has shifted since the invention of cinema in the 1890s. How has the production, distribution and exhibition of film been altered throughout film history? Has the present ubiquity of digital technologies transformed cinema for the better? Or, as Susan Sontag has suggested, have we experienced a ‘decay of cinema’ in which the traditional cinematic experience is no longer valued?  These questions only begin to explore how the love and appreciation of film as an art form, as well as a mass medium, have impacted filmmakers, scholars and audiences alike.

The intent of the 2013 Graduate Student Symposium is to allow graduate students to share their film-related research interest with their peers. In doing so, the symposium provides an open and interactive forum for discussion of current conceptual and pedagogical issues in the Film Studies discipline. We also welcome graduate students from departments such as English, Art History, Music, Canadian Studies and Cultural Studies to submit an abstract and/or attend the symposium.

Papers and possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

  1. The Digital Turn: Analog vs. Digital Production/Exhibition

  2. Modernity/Post-Modernity/Intertextuality

  3. Pastiche/Parody

  4. Genre Studies

  5. Auteur Theory/Authorship

  6. National/Transnational Cinema

  7. Nostalgia/Memory

  8. Trends in Film Criticism and Theory

  9. Examination of Film Festivals and the Elusive ‘Festival Film’

Please submit a one page abstract including your name, degree/department, email address and title of your presentation to:

Kevin Chabot, Symposium Organizer

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