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CFP: “Hope, Freedom and Responsibility” SAGSA Conference 2015

Submission Deadline January 12th 2015.

Concordia University, March 19th-21st.

Details Below: _____________________________________________________

“There is an inherent tension between conceptions of freedom and responsibility; movement between the two requires careful mediation. Further complicating matters of progress is a sense of hope. Hope changes how the social landscapes of individuals and groups are imagined, and is central to encouraging development, pushing limits, and revealing capabilities that contribute to the ongoing formation of the social world. In doing so, an interesting intersection has formed between the notion of Hope, Freedom and Responsibility, and as such has inspired the theme for The Sociology and Anthropology Graduate Students’ Association (SAGSA) 2015 conference.

In the spirit of promoting a lively conversation about Hope, Freedom and Responsibility, SAGSA invites paper and poster proposals from graduate students from various disciplines. Possible themes could include, but are not limited to:

  1. Social movements and solidarity

  2. Responsible governance

  3. Citizenship and morality

  4. Cultural liberty and justice

  5. Technological progress

  6. Social change and development

  7. Emotional discourses of hope

  8. The body in society

Submission Requirements: Please submit an abstract (250 words) with a brief bibliography (3-5 sources) to The deadline for submission is January 12th 2015 and notification of acceptance will be sent by February 3rd 2015. The conference format will consist of sessions of three to four panelists who will each have 15 minutes for their presentation, followed by a question period.”

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