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Concordia takes over SCMS

This week, at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies’ Annual Conference, many students and faculty members from Concordia University will be presenting papers and participating in various events in and around the conference.

To help you in finding out when and where to see these presentations, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a list of all the talks which feature students or faculty from Concordia. You can also refer to the full program to see who else will be presenting.

In addition to all these presentations, come meet Concordia faculty, students and alumni at the Concordia Bar Night. Free drinks and food will be served starting at 7:30pm on Friday March 21 at the Alibi Room (85 Pike Street, #410. A mere 7 minute walk from the Sheraton Hotel).

We look forward to seeing you there!


Wednesday March 19

B2 Shooting Soldiers: The Cinematic Image and Experience of the US Veteran Kaia Scott  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “Moving Pictures to Soothe the Man of Battle: Film Technologies as Therapy in the Second World War”

B8 Contemporary Screens and Innovation Zach Melzer  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “Outdoor Digital Advertising and the Aesthetics of Transience”

B12 Word-image: ekphrasis, Dialogue, Criticism Samuel Burd CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “The Life of the Author: Autobiographical Trends in Film Scholarship”

C7 Cinema and the Nineteenth-century Imaginary Samantha Wilson  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “The Aesthetics of Astonishment and Contemplation in the Early British Scenic Film”

D8 Technology, Imagination, and New Media Histories CHAIR: Jeff Scheible  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY Jeff Scheible  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “‘My Name Is Number Sign’: Hash Logic and Digital Indexicality”

Thursday March 20

E17 Queer Remix Video Hacking Telesexuality Dayna McLeod CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY (Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture) “Navigating the Heterosexual Matrix of Remix Culture”

G15 Cinema and the Military : Case Studies in Exhibition Haidee Wasson  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “Military Designs on the Visible Future: Portable Projectors in the American Armed Forces at Midcentury”

H26 Redefining Cinema in Digital Culture CHAIR: Rosanna Maule  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY Rosanna Maule  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “Reconceptualizing Women’s Cinema in the Digital Age” RESPONDENT: Martin Lefebvre  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY

I3 The Superhero beyond the Blockbuster CHAIR: Dru Jeffries  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY Dru Jeffries  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “This Looks Like a (Blow)job for Superman: Servicing Fandom with Superhero Porn Parodies”

I4 Museum as Medium: Technology, Spectatorship, Space CHAIR: Beatriz Bartolomé Herrera  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY CO-CHAIR: Philipp Dominik Keidl  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY

Philipp Dominik Keidl  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “One Screen Is Not Enough: Expanded Cinema and Museum Pedagogy” Beatriz Bartolomé Herrera  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “Coming to a Museum near You: Blockbuster Movies in the Science Museum”

I20 American AV : Cold War and Visual Education Charles Acland  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “New Media for the School of Tomorrow: The AV Instructional Films of Robert W. Wagner”

Friday March 21

J19 Race, Gender, and the Body in Found Footage Film Catherine Russell  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “Awakening from Hollywood: Rose Hobart as Star of the Archive”

K5 Psychopathology of Media Aesthetics Adam Szymanski  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “Melancholy Aesthetics and Contemporary Global Art Cinema”

K14 WORKSHOP Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media The Extensions of Man at 50 CHAIR: Charles Acland  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY

L20 Surveillance, Pornography, and Porn Studies CHAIR: Evangelos Tziallas  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY Evangelos Tziallas  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “Doubled Visions, Doubled Bodies: Surveillance Technologies, AIDS, and the Return of the Repressed”

Saturday March 22

M3 Situating Gender I: Intersectional Domesticities Krista Lynes CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY (Communications)  “The Persistence of Space: A Cinema of Gendered Social Life in Transition”

N3 Situating Gender II New(d) Ecologies and Ludic Landscapes CHAIR: Krista Lynes CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY (Communications)

O11 In a Queer Space at a Queer Time Brandon Arroyo  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “Active Pornographic Space and Sexual Affect in the Networked Gay Village”  Brandon won the 3rd place in the Student Writing Award with this paper.

O15 Seeking a “Useful” Film Industry Managing the Possibilities of Advertising and Promotional Film, 1910–50 CO-CHAIR: Matthew Ogonoski  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY Matthew Ogonoski  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “On the Frontlines of Television: Wartime Television-promotion Films and Industrial Management”

P1 Film Theory and Criticism beyond the Euro-American Canon I Masha Salazkina  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “Transnational Approaches to History and Institutional Practices of Film Theory in the Anglo-American Academy”

Q1 Film Theory and Criticism beyond the Euro-American Canon II Katarina Mihailovic  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “The ‘Desert of Individualism’: The Yugoslav Appropriation of French Auteurist Discourse”

Q22 Cinematic Spaces in the Urban Global South Irene Rozsa  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “Havana’s 1950s Film Culture: Redrawing Topographies, Updating Chronologies”

Sunday March 23

S19 Revisiting Colonial Pasts Luca Caminati  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY  “Abebe Bikila According to LUCE: The Geopolitics of Italian Colonial Space”

T10 Gender, Sex, and Identification in TV Fandom Katerina Symes  CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY (Communications)  “Extending ‘Eccentric Identifications’ beyond the Immediate Viewing Process: Case Study Shane McCutcheon”

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