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Editorial: A Vision for the New Grad/Aperture

With this redesign of our dear website, we at Grad/Aperture hope to bring on more significant changes than that of a mere palette swap. Although this aesthetic update is welcomed, our goal is to transform the nature of Grad/Aperture at its core.

The new Grad/Aperture is the source for all that relates to graduate studies at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema. This is your website.

In our opinion, it is the responsibility of Grad/Aperture to inform the community of upcoming events and call for papers, but also to recognize the achievements of our fellow students. Additionally, we want to create a space for the sharing of valuable information between students. We all know that everyone is terribly busy, and no one could possibly attend all the interesting events that take place in and around Concordia, let alone the exclusive events that often take place out of town.

From now on, we adopt a new way of collaborating. If you do something interesting and worth sharing with your peers in the program, Grad/Aperture wants to know about it. Did you just get into a conference or a publication? We want to know about it and to give you the recognition you deserve. Did you attend a Job Talk, an Arthemis presentation, an exhibit or any other event that could be of interest to other students? Then, share your experience with us, so that the community can benefit from it. We understand that not everyone might have the time or the desire to write for us, but what we ask of you is to keep us up to date on what is going on in your life as a graduate film student. This way, we can still disseminate the information to you fellow students. Concurrently, the administrators of Grad/Aperture will be taking a more hands-on approach. Those of us responsible for our social media outlets will do their best to keep up to date with the daily news in film studies, and transmit the relevant bits of information back to you. We will also be approaching you on a regular basis to ask for updates so that the website can see a constant rotation of interesting news.

Grad/Aperture is meant for you, the graduate film students, and we want the website to reflect that. With this in mind, we ask for your collaboration to truly make this your website.

Feel free to approach anyone in the Grad/Aperture team with your comments and questions, drop us a line at gradaperture [at] gmail [dot] com, or on our Facebook and Twitter.

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