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Event: "We Messed Up" @ Gem Lab

When: Friday, October 30th @ 2pm (EST) (Online Event)

Registration Required, contact

Suggested Readings and Screening

Conversation with Edward George (Black Audio Film Collective) and Dhanveer Singh Brar (Goldsmiths), moderated by Kay Dickinson (Concordia). Edward George, the writer, researcher, presenter and actor in the Black Audio Film Collective documentary Last Angel of History, returns to the film to elaborate on the research, writing and performative components of his roles(s) in the film, and the ways in which the film constitutes a citational work through its revision of the evocation of Africa in Afrofuturism and its engagement with black unpopular culture, its presentation, through its science fiction narrative, of a lost Pan Africa and an African Diasporic memory of slavery, and the use of his body as the medium through which the film’s fictional and historical concerns are integrated.

Watch: The Last Angel of History Concordia members can access through the library.  Others can rent the film here.

Read: Edward George, “Last Angel of History: Research, Writing, Performance”; Dhanveer Singh Brar and Ashwani Sharma, “What is this ‘Black’ in Black Studies?: From Black British Cultural Studies to Black Critical Thought in UK Arts and Higher Education”

Edward George, of the arts group Flow Motion, was a founder of Black Audio Film Collective. He received his doctorate from Middlesex University and is a Visiting Fellow at Goldsmiths University.

Dhanveer Singh Brar is a scholar of Black Studies, as it intersects with Cultural Studies, Sound Studies and Critical Theory. The research he undertakes covers theorizations of black diasporic sonic culture from the mid-twentieth century to the present, the question of form in the black radical tradition, and the politics of black critical thought. He has published in journals such as Social Text, Darkmatter and Cesura // Acceso and is a founding member of the London based Black Study Group.

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