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Fall 2014 – A Semester in Review

There’s never a dull moment at Concordia, and if the horizon for 2015 is any indication, this tradition will surely continue. As the semester comes to a close, and before we welcome the new year, relive some of these moments through Grad/Aperture’s coverage of master classes, lectures, and other special events! Thank you to all of our contributors this semester, and to all those who continue to visit our website. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to follow Grad/Aperture on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date news and developments.  See you in 2015!

– Read all about MA Brad Warren’s trip to TIFF: A Thirty-Hour Trip to TIFF, or, Madness, Cinephilia, Research – words by Brad Warren

– MA Philippe Bédard and PhD candidate Julien Lapointe each presented at the 2nd International Alphaville Journal of Film and Screen Media: Report from “Deviate!” – words by Philippe Bédard

– PhD candidate Bill Fech organized an evening with Jon Jost, and shared his thoughts about the experimental filmmaker with GradAp: My Night With Jon Jost – words by Bill Fech

– MA Julia Huggins wrote about her experience attending Teresa De Lauretis’ four day seminar and public lecture: Smart People on Cat People – words by Julia Huggins

– Dr. Will Brooker delivered a lecture on the history and incarnations of Batman, as one of the invited speakers of this year’s ARTHEMIS talks. Dissecting the Bat – words by Andre Dubois

– In town for the RIDM premiere of his new film, documentarian JP Sniadecki delivered a master class in collaboration with the Concordia Documentary Centre Foreign Parts in Familiar Spaces – words by Alan Jones

– Speaking of film festivals, the Festival du Nouveau Cinema invited our PhD students in Film and Moving Image Studies to review films from their 2014 programme. FNC Under Study

– Dr. Daniel Herbert also delivered a lecture on the history and impact of the video store on consumption and distribution practices, another lively ARTHEMIS talk. No More Late Fees – words by Bridget Deer

Last but certainly not least, history was made as two PhD defenses were successfully delivered by Dru Jeffries and Andrée Lafontaine, making them the first recipients of Doctoral degrees from Concordia’s PhD Film and Moving Image Studies program!

Congratulations, Dr. Dru Jeffries! – words by Dan Leberg

Congratulations, Dr. Andrée Lafontaine! – words by Papagena Robbins

So long, 2014!

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