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Feminist Media Studio’s Open Studio, Thursday October 4th

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

CJ Building, Room 2.130 Concordia University 7141 Sherbrooke W. Montreal (Qc)

4:15 pm – Prospective and Current Members’ Meeting 5:00 – 7:00 pm – Reception

To welcome everyone for the new academic year, the Feminist Media Studio is holding its annual Open Studio get-together on Thursday, October 4.

At 4:15pm, we’ll have an open meeting for graduate students and faculty who are members or are interested in becoming members, to chat about the various activities planned for this year. We’ll share information on how to join the Studio and what kind of resources it offers. We’ll also ask current and future members about their interests, how they want to be involved, and what kind of support they’d like from the Studio.

From 5 to 7pm, we’ll have an informal reception for members, friends and colleagues from inside and outside of the university to meet and catch up.

Please join us for one or both parts of the Open Studio, share drinks and nibbles, and see what’s new at the Studio this year. We hope to see many new and many familiar faces!

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About Membership:

The Feminist Media Studio is a research space and small community of graduate students, faculty members and other researchers from across Concordia University doing work connected in diverse ways to questions of feminism and media. We’re excited to welcome new members, including graduate students from all levels and programs and faculty from departments across the university, who are interested in getting involved in Studio activities.

The Studio supports its members through a wide range of resources, including workspaces for academic and creative work, media production equipment, technical training and support, and funding to organize member-initiated events. Members also have opportunities to attend internal workshops, reading groups and special graduate seminars with visiting distinguished scholars, to present work in the Studio’s ongoing 5 à 7 Speaker Series, and to curate video content for the Studio’s Lobby Screen.

Full membership information is available here:

Everyone is welcome to join our public mailing list here:

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About the Studio:

The Feminist Media Studio, located in the CJ building at Concordia University (Loyola campus), supports and critically engages with complex media representations of gendered social life. We interrogate, critically analyze and creatively engage the political potency of feminist practice, from artists’ and activists’ use of public engagements, web-based platforms, installations and image making. We seek to share and collectively build aesthetic strategies for making visible persistent forms of gender-based oppression and exploitation, for exploring gendered subjectivity and sexuality, attentive to the challenges of working across racial, gendered, class-based, historical and geographical divisions.

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