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First Study Days: “To Represent : Theories, Epistemologies”

Get ready for a momentous gathering of scholars form Concordia University, Université de Lausanne and Gœthe Universität Frankfurt. Indeed, from April 29 to May 1, scholars from these four universities will congregate for the “First Joint Study Days.”

During this event 18 scholars will present papers under a common theme:  “To Represent: Theories, Epistemologies.”

You can find the complete list of participants and presentations in the programme attached below. For more information, please visit ARTHEMIS.

I strongly encourage that you attend this event, as it is a unique chance to hear so many distinguished scholars here in Montreal at the same time (that is, before SCMS next year).


With the participation of : Carolin Anda (Frankfurt), Carine Bernasconi (Lausanne), Andy Djaballah (Concordia), Jordan Gowanlock (Concordia), Vinzenz Hediger (Frankfurt), Dominik Hilfenhaus (Frankfurt), Guido Kirsten (University of Zurich/Concordia/ARTHEMIS), Julien Lapointe (Concordia), Martin Lefebvre (Concordia/ARTHEMIS), Trevor Mowchun (Concordia), Julianne Pidduck (Université de Montréal/ARTHEMIS), Charlotte Rey (Lausanne), Johannes Rhein (Frankfurt), Maria Tortajada (Lausanne), Benoît Turquety (Lausanne), Haidee Wasson (Concordia/Arthemis), Delphine Wehrli (Lausanne), Samantha Wilson (Concordia).

In collaboration with: ARTHEMIS, FIGURA, and the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema’s Ph.D. Program in Film and Moving Image Studies; la Section d’histore et esthétique du cinéma de l’Université de Lausanne and le programme de doctorate Dispositifs de vision cinméma, photography et autres médias; and the Institut für Theater, Film ind Medienwissenschaft, Gœthe Universität Frankfurt.

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