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French Language Comprehension Exam – November 18, 2016

For those MA & PhD students who need to complete a French Language Comprehension Exam, this semester’s test will take place:

Friday November 18 1:00-4:00PM FB 449

For further information about the MA and PhD graduation requirements please see the respective official texts from the PhD and MA descriptions in the Graduate Calendar:

All students must pass this test before receiving their degree, except those who have a diploma from a French-medium post-secondary institution.

A student may apply to be exempted from the French language test should competency in a language other than English or French be pertinent to the student’s research. This competency must be verified by the GPD.

For MA students, this 2-hour exam tests reading comprehension of a selected French-language text of film criticism or journalism.

For PhD students, the exam requires comprehension and ability to provide an approximate translation of short excerpts of a more challenging scholarly text, and you may take up to three hours.

In both cases, written answers are in English and dictionaries are allowed.

Please e-mail to sign up for the exam.

More information:

Please contact Professor Thomas Waugh (514) 848-2424, ext. 4654 if you have any questions.

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