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FSAC Presents “Projections: Making Film Studies Public” Graduate “Un-Colloquium&#8

Film Studies Association of Canada | Association canadienne d’études cinématographiques

Graduate “Un-Colloquium” Thursday to Saturday, 18-20 February 2016 Ryerson and York Universities, Toronto

Projections: Making Film Studies Public

Film is expanding beyond the screen, and film studies is expanding beyond the academy.

Projection now occurs on screens of all sizes, from televisions to smartphones and computers, but more than ever seen in public spaces, from art galleries and massive billboards to handheld moments shared in social media. We can hear it, feel it, touch it, and see it in places we couldn’t before.

We want film studies to do the same. The education, criticism, analysis, and historical context of film studies should become projected to new kinds of publics, new audiences and readerships, conveyed through new practices of writing, speaking, and image-making.

The Film Studies Association of Canada Graduate Colloquium is seeking to profile and help create new kinds of scholarly participation in a three-day research workshop. We invite graduate students in cinema and media studies to share their research, in any topic or field including media and creative production, but also be willing to transform their projects for public appreciation, not just academic understanding. This experience will offer opportunities to learn new skills for making research public in ways that are too rare within the academy.

In addition to sharing your own research, the “un-colloquium” will provide opportunities to attend skill-building workshops lead by an interdisciplinary group of established and emerging academics, alternative-academic professionals, and community leaders.

  1. Working with public collections and for public history

  2. Translating your research for public readerships: blogging academic ideas

  3. Transforming your research into vlogging: video editing for scholars

  4. Essays into Articles: first steps toward submitting for peer review

  5. Public Education and Outreach: alternative-academic philosophies for teaching … and other options and choices, to be determined and suggested by participants!

Keynote Event: In Conversation with Jennifer Polk, a discussion of alternative academic careers

Instead of providing the standard conference abstract, we are instead asking interested participants to submit a two-page application where you:

  1. describe your project (thesis, creative-work or dissertation)

  2. describe which aspect of your project you’re seeking to workshop further with peers

  3. discuss what skills, knowledge, and alternative approaches you’re interested to learn

  4. discuss any skills, knowledge, and alternative approaches you’d be able to teach to peers

Send this to by Friday, December 11, 2015.

Participants must be or must become members of the Film Studies Association of Canada. Participants must arrange and pay for their own travel and accommodation.

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