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Funding Opportunity: Mackenzie King Scholarships

Deadline: February 1st, 2021

Two classes of Mackenzie King Scholarship are available to graduates of Canadian universities: the Open Scholarship and the Travelling Scholarship. Both are to support graduate study.

The Open Scholarship is open to graduates of any Canadian university who engage in (commence or continue) graduate study (mater's or doctoral) in any field, in Canada or elsewhere. One Open Scholarship is awarded annually. Its value has lately been $10,000.

The Travelling Scholarship is open to graduates of any Canadian university who engage in (commence or continue) postgraduate study (mater's or doctoral) in the United States or the United Kingdom, of international relations or industrial relations (including the international or industrial relations aspects of law, history, politics and economics). Four Travelling Scholarships of $12,500 have lately been awarded annually.

Selection Criteria

The awards will be based on high academic achievements (typically all A’s or very nearly so), personal qualities, and demonstrated aptitudes. Consideration will also be given to the applicant’s proposed program of study. For more information, click here.

How to apply

A copy of the online application form and all supporting documents (e.g. Sheet A, Achievements and Experience; Sheet B, Personal Statement; Transcripts/Academic Records) must be submitted in one PDF document by email at: by February 1st, 2021.

A complete application package includes:

  1. The completed and signed application form (including attached sheets A and B as described on that form). To download the relevant forms, click here.

  2. Three letters of reference from persons who have an intimate knowledge of your record and ability and are able to give a critical evaluation of your plans for graduate study. At least two of these must be from persons under whom you have taken your major work at university, or from senior colleagues with whom you have been associated in academic teaching or research. The letters of reference may be sent directly by the referees by email c/o Cameron Dohmen-Clermont at

  3. Certified copies of official transcripts of marks and other academic records from each university you have attended. If a transcript is not available, you may substitute a certified statement by the Registrar or the Faculty concerned.

For further information, please visit Mackenzie King Scholarships Website,

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