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Get Carded at Concordia!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Welcome newcomers! It’s that time of year to make sure you have all your various ID cards in order: student ID, inter-library cards, and OPUS cards are all vital tools for your wallet.  Not sure where to get started? Check out this handy guideline*!


You should’ve gotten this, like, yesterday (or last week, since yesterday was Labour Day.) It’s the first and most important piece of ID in the school, it’s your library card, and it’ll help in getting other cards. Remember, you have to be registered for classes before you can get this card! Do so online or drop by the cinema office (FB-319), then run over to the Birks Student Services Centre (LB building, room 185) and bring

  1. one piece of photo identification (e.g. passport, driver’s license or medicare card)

  2. your student ID number OR your letter of acceptance or class schedule

Also, clean up nicely because you’re getting stuck with this picture for the next two (or more) years!


This will be your favourite thing when everyone is checking out the ONE book on horror and gender from the library come final paper season. The CREPUQ card allows you to borrow books from other Montreal universities (and the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec) without having to go through interlibrary loans. Given the glacial pace of bureaucracy, taking the metro blue line to UdeM beats having to wait for a whole week for a book. Also, this card is only good for one year, so returners have to get it again. Just head over to the library circulation desk and show your Concordia Student ID to get your CREPUQ card.


Two things you will need to do here:

First, bring your Student Permit and CAQ. The office is required to have a copy of these for all international students, so if you don’t present them before the DNE deadline (September 18) they will unregister you from courses!

Second, ask to get your Health Card. It’s from Blue Cross and will cover expenses from the hospital; medical charges and consultations by doctors and specialists; pregnancy (only if pregnancy commences after the start date of the health insurance plan); eye examination; psychiatric services; drugs and medicines. You’ve already been charged $782 so might as well have it handy in case you need it.


This is your metro card, and for those 25 years old and younger, there’s a reduced price. The STM will be coming to campus September 27 and 28, but if you’d rather get it done before (you should), then just go to their photo studio in the lower level at McGill metro station. Bring the following:

  1. The registration form, the latter part of which has to be filled out by a representative in the Birks Student Services Centre (LB-185).

  2. Proof of age

  3. Proof of full-time school attendance with the seal of the institution (also obtained at the Birks Student Services Centre)

  4. Proof that you live in Montréal (driver’s license, utility bill) – the lease is not accepted

  5. $15 IN CASH (debit and credit cards are not accepted)

Again, clean up nicely because you’re getting stuck with this picture for a year!

*Credit for this guideline goes to our esteemed alumnus Juan Antonio Llamas.

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