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Global Cultural Flows Workshop


On April 10-12, 2014 the CISSC-sponsored Transnational Cultural Flow working group, in collaboration with Prof. Salazkina’s Concordia University Research Chair in Transnational Media Art and Culture, and with Prof. Lynes’s Canada Research Chair in Feminist Media Studies, is organizing a three-day workshop on “Transnational Approaches and Debates in Film and Media Studies” to be housed in the Film Studies department at Concordia University.

The objective of the Global Cultural Flows workshop is to create a new forum for interdisciplinary work devoted to the analysis of media cultures that operate at the intersection of postcolonial geopolitical areas, whether in contact with the former colonial centres or at their margins. During these three days a group of international scholars and artists will come together to share their work in progress in order to generate a discussion about the challenges, new methodologies and theoretical frameworks to integrate transnational approaches with existing paradigms within film and media studies.

The discussions will address some of these larger inter-related themes as they bear upon the analysis of cultural flows: the South-South movements and flows of cultural products; the renegotiation and reappropriation of “western” cultural products by the once colonial subjects, and their reuse as political tools; the challenges of bringing together theoretical frameworks formulated in the Euro-American academy with historical and contemporary discourses originating beyond the academic Metropole.

The workshop will center on the discussion of the participants’ papers that will be made available to all registered attendees.

For information on participants please visit the Global Cultural Flows website

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