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Grad Library–Revisited

Before we were all encased in ice this holiday season, I had the privilege of sitting down with Jennifer Quintanilla, first year MA student and mistress of our beloved grad lounge. Jennifer has been hard at work organizing our many resources in the lounge, particularly the library. Surely we have all perused the bookshelves in the greater grad lounge area – Jennifer recently put aside Reidar Due’s Love In Motion for me – but perhaps we aren’t all aware that behind lock and key is a second trove of screenplays, theses, and periodicals such as Film Quarterly, Cineaste, Cineaste du Quebec, Cahier du Cinema, and Festival des films du monde. Just ask Jennifer for assistance* – she is happy to facilitate your use of the library. A digital catalogue is also in the works for easy access to all the grad lounge loot of your dreams. Check out for more information!

*Jennifer is usually in the grad lounge on Thursdays from 1-5PM. She can also be reached at Jennifer.quintanilla8[@]

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