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Join TRAC in their efforts to improve students’ working conditions!

Join the Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia (TRAC) Union in their efforts to improve students’ working conditions!

TAs and RAs love their work and their community. That’s why TRAC is currently negotiating with Concordia to stop unpaid hours, increase wages, improve contract appointment transparency, and ban contract splitting.

For Valentine’s Day, join TRAC and ask Concordia to not break our hearts:

  1. Welcome Committee at the Board of Governors on Thursday, February 8 @ 3PM, GM lobby

  2. Give Valentine’s Day Card to President Alan Shepard on Wednesday, February 14 @ 11AM, Hall 2nd floor

The heart-shaped papers to give to President Shepard can be found in several locations throughout the University, including in the Grad Lounge (FB341) for Film Studies MA and PhD.

For more information about the campaign, you can contact TRAC’s  Vice-President Natalie Greenberg at

You can also follow TRAC on Facebook, and contact them for more information or to become a Delegate at

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