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“Keep the University in Concordia” – A Call to Action From the FSDSA

The following is a message from the Film Studies Doctoral Student Association concerning Concordia University’s recent rebranding:

Recently it came to our attention that Concordia University had decided to drop the word “University” from its logo and the website’s main banner head. For those of us pursuing degrees in film and media studies, we are acutely aware of the power of the image and the brand. While this may appear to be a mere aesthetic concern, it is in fact one that impacts all of us. Concordia University has worked hard to establish itself as one of the leading research universities within Canada since its establishment in 1974. Removing the moniker “University” from the institution’s official logo now is therefore a step backwards, and one that threatens to cheapen the brand of the degrees we are all working so hard for. As such, we would urge the University to reconsider this recent rebranding campaign, and return to the previous, more linguistically inclusive, logo representing us as Université Concordia / Concordia University.

We would encourage students and faculty who likewise feel strongly about this change to write to President Dr. Alan Shepard and Chief Communications Officer Philippe Beauregard.”

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