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Kimberly Juanita Brown: Black Grief in the Atmosphere of the Visual

When: Thursday February 11th, 2021 @ 5-7pm EST

Kimberly Juanita Brown: Black Grief in the Atmosphere of the Visual

Keynote address | Imaging & Imagining Intimacy Conference

This talk will bring together artistic productions grappling with black mourning. If an elegy is a lament for the dead presented in poetic verse, how might black grief articulate this lament in ways that exist beyond those parameters? To protectively evade further harm, what are some of the artistic strategies that exist? What might be the look of this release? This talk will offer a space of contemplation and redress, a way to attend to grief, of mourning practices that exist “in the wake,” as Christina Sharpe terms them, both legible and necessarily opaque. By considering the dual trajectories of anti-black violence (individual and collective), “Black Grief in the Atmosphere of the Visual” will explore what is available to black subjects within and beyond a recognizable enclosure of loss.

Keynote Discussant: Joana Joachim

Keynote registration:

This talk is the keynote address for the Imaging & Imagining Intimacy conference (Feb. 12-13, 2021). The talk is scheduled for Thursday February 11, 5:00-7:00PM (EST). The conference program, including the talks' abstracts and the presenters' biographies, is attached. For more information about the conference and/or to register to the conference, please contact The conference is organized by Farah Atoui & Viviane Saglier, with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Department of Arts and Communications' speaker series at McGill University.

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