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Know your finances: Pay Stubs where are you?


– Pay Stubs where are you?!! 

If you are working as a TA or RA, you can check out your pay stubs on your Myconcordia employee page. This is not the regular Myconcordia student web, but another account with your employee information. These are the steps you have to follow to create your account and finally access you Human Resources profile:

1. You will need to create your Staff Netname. You can do it in the following link: here.

You have to provide your employee ID, which you can find on your contract.

2. Once you have your Netname and password access the Myconcordia page using this information. Welcome to your employee page!

3. To consult your pay stubs go to the Employee Self Service section. There you can access your HR profile. The pay stubs are listed under the section ‘earnings’. Check them regularly to keep track of your payments in case there is any problem. In addition, you will need to access your pay stubs in order to present your annual Tax payment once a year, around April. We’ll give further information on this issue in March 2014.

In case you have any problems with late payments, your SIN number or other work related issues contact the Human Resources department or visit them at the Faubourg building:

Office location Faubourg Tower 1250 Guy Street Map Suite: FB 1130 (11th floor)

Office hours Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

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