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Movie Munchies: Eating Around Campus

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Exercising your brain during a four-hour seminar or a marathon research session can work up quite the appetite. Luckily, Concordia’s downtown campus is surrounded by a wealth of places where you can get some tasty noms and recharge.  The list below is by no means complete but it will give you a place to start on your culinary journey.

Al Taib:

A Montreal student institution with decent pizza. Unless you are just having pizza, this is not to be indulged in too often if you have a sensitive stomach!

Location: Pretty much every corner.

Price: 5$ (or less!).


Great quick Lebanese restaurant just steps form Concordia. It has one of the best chicken shwarma pitas in Montreal, topped with coleslaw, pickle turnips, lettuce, tomatoes, and garlic sauce then grilled over coals, delicious! The ‘creation” pita is an amazing combination of chicken, potatoes, and eggplant. For the vegetarian the falafel is not to be missed. For those looking for a bit more spice, the house hot sauce is a worthy addition to any sandwich. there is ample seating and the menu includes larger platters that would be suitable for a quick dinner. Expect lines during peak hours, though they dissipate quickly. As an interesting bit of trivia, Pierre Trudeau and the Trailer Park Boys have eaten there!

Location: 2020 A Crescent .

Price: 4$ – 7$.


Decent burgers. Avoid the potatoes.

Location: 1855 St. Catherine.

Price: Under 10$.


Don’t let the slightly silly name fool you! Burritoville provides a delicious (and vegetarian!) twist on Mexican food with burritos, quesadillas, tortilla chips and a few other yummy goodies! Aside from the food, Burritoville has a great atmosphere and is perfect for study sessions and social gatherings.  It even hosted our recent grad symposium!

Location: 2055 Bishop Street.

Price: 8$ – 12$.

Cocktail Hawaii:

Giant crepes and even bigger waffles. The best place to get a ridiculously filling breakfast right next to the school. Toppings include ice cream, avocados, honey, nuts, raisins, and a plethora of fruits. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

Location: 1645 De Maisonneuve.

Price: 8$ – 15$.

Coconut Chinese Bakery:

Situated right in the Guy-Concordia metro, this bakery has enough tasty treats to tempt even the pickiest of eaters.

Location: Top of Guy-Concordia Metro.

Price: 1$ – 5$

Cuisine Szechuan:

Spicy and delicious! Avoid if you don’t want your mouth to taste like fire.

Location: 2350 Guy.

Price: 5$ – 10$

Faubourg Food Court:

Don’t be fooled by the abandoned mall vibe! The Faubourg food court provides a variety of options for the starving student. Bangkok has some of the best Thai food in town! Other kiosks include Bao Dao, and Samir (Excellent falafel). And the best part? The food court is connected to the Mel Hoppenheim by a tunnel so you can avoid going outside to forage during those cold winter months. Also good if you want to pretend you are weathering a zombie apocalypse.

Location: 1616 St. Catherine.

Price: 5$ – 15$.

Garage Beirut:

A charming Lebanese restaurant serving up delicious fresh food.  Freshly made hummus, baba ganoush, and grilled halloumi cheese make great shared starters; while kefta or chicken platters are great entrees, perfect for a relaxing lunch or dinner. The meats are all cooked to order and served with either fries or salad (with homemade dressing) and pita bread.  A good place for a date if you want to show off your culinary worldliness!

Location: 1238 Mackay.

Price: 8$ – 10$

Gourmet Burger:

Construct your own burger from a variety of toppings and patty options (including veggie!). Service is terrible but it’s worth the wait!

Location: 1433 Bishop.

Price: Under 10$.


Simply the best Japanese in town. Killer Ramen, everything else is good, too. Expect long lines to get in. Closed Tuesdays.

Location: 1862 St. Catherine.

Price: 15$-20$

Maison Bulgogi:

Decent Korean, not very vegetarian friendly.

Location: 2127 St. Catherine.

Price: 8$-15$

La Panthère Verte:

Pricy but delicious choices for vegetarians. Organic, fresh.

Location: 2153 Mackay.

Price: Around 10$.

Qing Hua Dumpling:

Awesome (and cheap!) dumplings of all kinds. Must love dumplings to enjoy this place.  Too messy to sneak into a movie theater (believe me, I’ve tried).

Location: 1676 Lincoln.

Price: 7$-15$


Excellent and authentic Indian cuisine with plenty of vegetarian options. Great samosas for when you want a bit of a spicy snack to take to class.

Location: 1409 St. Marc.

Price: Under 10$.

Also to be found in close proximity to the school are the old stand-bys: Starbucks, Second Cup, Tim Hortons, Ben and Jerry’s, and grocery stores if you are on your last dollar and just want a Mr. Noodles to microwave in the grad lounge. Happy eating!

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