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Perry Bard & Matt Soar’s Democroscope

Perry Bard & Matt Soar DEMOSCROSCOPE (Video program, installation)

October 13 – November 3, 2012

Joyce Yahouda Gallery Belgo building (5th floor), 372 Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montreal

Inspired by the history of silent cinema in Québec, Democroscope presents a diversity of everyday views that collectively serve to challenge the political grand narratives of our time. When Léo-Ernest Ouimet opened the first movie palace in Montreal in 1907, he aimed to bring the best cinema to the average citizen at affordable prices. Today the average citizen can create the best cinema. A typical film program of that era included politics, news items, human interest stories, anecdotal observations of every day life, of nature, of eccentric events. The theatre was so popular the Catholic Church tried to ban screenings on Sundays. Drawing from the web – today’s public commons – and from an open call, Democrosope brings you a selection of historical and contemporary short films for community viewing in physical space, exploring participatory culture by celebrating the quotidian. These films pose the question, What is cinema today?

Videos by Jérémie Battaglia, Josh Bricker, Myrel Chernick, Collective Rouge Ta Rue, Dana Dal Bo, Marcantonio Lunardi,  Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese, Andres Manniste, Dayna McLeod, Stefan Riebel, Lynne Sachs, Shelly Silver, Miro Soares, Evelin Stermitz, Lily White and Steven Woloshen.

More information on the event and the Joyce Yahouda Gallery here.

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