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PhD Candidate Brandon Arroyo launches new podcast series

PhD Candidate Brandon Arroyo recently started a podcast series titled Porno Cultures Podcast, in which he interviews academics working on pornography studies.

The first episode, which came out on Oct. 13, stars Professor Peter Alilunaswho talks about his first book Smutty Little Movies: The Creation and Regulation of Adult Video (2016). Alilunas discusses the little-known history of adult cinema on video (which originated in the 1970s) and its use in public venues such as bars, screenings rooms and hotels.

In the second and most recent episode (Nov. 10), Professor Whitney Strub joins Brandon to talk about his books Perversion for Profit: The Politics of Pornography and the Rise of the New Right (2010), Obscenity Rules: Roth v. United States and the Long Struggle over Sexual Expression (2013), and the anthology Porno Chic and the Sex Wars: American Sexual Representation in the 1970s (2016, co-edited with Carolyn Bronstein). Topics discussed during the interview include Strub’s approach to porn studies, New-Right censorship strategies of the post-war era, the obscenity trials at the origins of the current obscenity laws and his fight against commonly held assumptions of the “Golden Age” of porn in the 1970s. In addition, the episode offers in conclusion an audio tour of New Jersey’s last porn theater, the Little Theater.

Future guests will include Rebecca Sullivan, David Church, John Mercer, Noah Tsika, and Thomas Waugh. The show will also feature non-academics who are working to help rethink the role of pornography in the larger culture, such as Joe Rubin (founder of the restoration and distribution company Vinegar Syndrome), Chris Harder (wrote and starred in a one-man show about his time in the porn industry) and Rick Storer (executive director of the Leather Archive & Museum in Chicago).

You can follow the show on podomatic here.  Facebook Page. @pornocultures RSS Feed iTunes

Congratulations Brandon!

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