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Reminder: Works-in-Progress Workshop Series launches on November 9

The first Works-in-Progress (WIP) Workshop Series is coming up!

“Documenting Capital: Intersections of Free Trade Zone Architecture and Digital Filmmaking” Patrick Brodie and Patrick Brian Smith

When: November 9th, 5pm Where: GEM Lab, FB 630.15

The first workshop will feature a multimedia project by Patrick Brodie and Patrick Brian Smith on the Shannon Free Zone in the Republic of Ireland. Established in 1959 to attract foreign and regional investment, the Shannon Free Zone is claimed to be the world’s first Free Trade Zone. Driven by a motivation to document and visualise financialised spaces like the Shannon Free Zone, Brodie and Smith embarked on a multimedia project aiming to “cognitively map” the abstract flows of capital through the Shannon area. By visualizing the spatial machinations of finance capital, they hope to confront its invisible circulations by focusing on its material infrastructures and conditions of labour. The presentation will introduce the theory and practice behind the project, and will screen uncut footage from the research trip conducted in the summer of 2017, partially funded by the GEM Lab.

For workshop participants to familiarise themselves with the theoretical framework of the project, it is encouraged to read Keller Easterling’s chapter “Zone” from her book Extrastatecraft and Frederic Jameson’s article “Cognitive Mapping” prior to the event.

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