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Roundtable for the launch of The Oxford Handbook of Communist Visual Cultures

When: February 10th, 2021 @ 12:00-14:00 EST

The roundtable for the launch of The Oxford Handbook of Communist Visual Cultures, edited by Aga Skrodzka, Xiaoning Lu, and Katarzyna Marciniak, will be taking place via Zoom on February 10th. The event will be chaired by Professor Masha Salazkina (Professor of Film Studies, Concordia University).

The Oxford Handbook of Communist Visual Cultures critically examines and historically reconstructs the visual practices that have accompanied social transformations initiated by communist ideals in various parts of the world in the twentieth century. Bringing together diverse and broadly understood visual texts, including architecture, interior design, cartoons, computer games, fashion, photography, film and television, this volume explores how communism engages the visual.

The contributors ask how communist visual culture defines itself as a culture of specific media, specific forms, and specific practices. Supported by archival research and historical analysis, this volume is a call to examine the communist visual culture in a range of media and theoretical dimensions, toward a shared goal of reimagining it beyond the existing ways of thinking about it as a defunct project.


Aga Skrodzka (Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies, Clemson University, USA)

Xiaoning Lu (Reader in Modern Chinese Culture and Language, SOAS)

Katarzyna Marciniak (Professor of Media Arts and Culture, Occidental College, USA)

Lindiwe Dovey (Professor of Film and Screen Studies, SOAS)

Dana Healy (Senior Lecturer in Vietnamese, SOAS)

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