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SHOUT OUT! PhD Candidate Enrique Fibla-Gutiérrez published an article in Screen!

Shout Out!

PhD Candidate Enrique Fibla-Gutiérrez published an article in the prestigious scholarly journal Screen!

“Film called into action: Juan Piqueras, Léon Moussinac, Harry Alan Potamkin and the Internationale of film pedagogy” looks at the circulation of radical film culture in the 1930s as a response to both escapist cinema and a principal focus on films’ aesthetics. Furthermore, Enrique aims to demonstrate the ways in which a shift from an aesthetic (during the 1920s) to a politicized avant-garde (during the 1930s) intersected with proletarian institutions in three very different contexts.

To do so, he takes a closer look at how the work of critics Piqueras (Spain), Moussinac (France) and Potamkin (United States) intersected despite their evolution in very different cultural settings. Through their publication of manifestos, their contribution to film journals and their role in the creation of pedagogical spaces (through the establishment of institutions such as film courses or film clubs), the three figures participated in the growth of a radical film culture. Their actions helped develop the pedagogical potential of the filmic apparatus and had an impact on the following generations both inside and outside of their respective contexts.

Revealing aspects of film’s imbrication in 1930s society that are often absent from usual historiographical accounts of the time, Enrique opens the door to further research, to achieve a more comprehensive history of radical film practices and formations, stressing that a large number of film initiatives still remain in the shadow of film scholarship today.

Many congratulations Enrique!

To access the full article, please follow this link.

About the journal: Screen is the leading international journal of academic film and television studies. From video art to popular television, from Hollywood to Hong Kong, from art cinema to British film finance, Screen authors cover a wide range of issues, both contemporary and historical, from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Each quarterly issue combines substantial scholarly essays with reports and debates on conferences and current research, along with book reviews.

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