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Shout Out! PhD Candidate Julien Lapointe Publishes in Film Forum’s “A History of Cinema

Shout Out!

PhD candidate Julien Lapointe has a published article in the conference proceedings for Film Forum’s XXII International Film Studies Conference. “Cinematic Representations and Extra-Textual Corollaries” looks at the relation between cinematic representations and their real-world counterparts — in short, how can film alter our perception of reality. Examining previous authors who have weighed in on the topic (e.g. Brecht, the Russian Formalists), it contends that the issue has been ill-posed, and appeals to analytic philosophy to propose an alternative methodology and vocabulary. This argument is in keeping with Film Forum’s ongoing research mandate, which seeks to dispense with designations of authorship, style and genre typically invoked when writing film/art history.

The book is available here.

Congratulations, Julien!

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