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Shout Out! PhD Candidate Julien Lapointe publishes in Film Journal’s latest issue

Shout Out!

PhD candidate Julien Lapointe published an article in the latest issue of Film Journal.

In “Hollywood Cinema and Baroque Companionship: An Analytic Critique of David Bordwell’s ‘Classical Paradigm'”,  Julien enlists arguments from analytic philosophy and logical positivism to develop a critique of David Bordwell’s theoretical model of the so-called “classical paradigm.” Bordwell’s model is intended to account for narrative and stylistic determinants which supposedly pervaded all of classical Hollywood. By contrast, ideas inherited from analytic philosophy allow one to see how this model is internally and logically flawed. Chief among these flaws, Bordwell subsumes under the same paradigm “classical” alternate, non-classical style classes which Julien contends existed in Hollywood cinema. He cites one such counter-example, dubbed “Hollywood Baroque,” which he demarcates from classicism by way of a detailed analysis of Orson Welles’s Lady from Shanghai (1948). In conclusion, he considers how other films might be incorporated under the category of baroque aesthetics, as an emendation to Bordwell’s model.

Congratulations Julien!

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