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Synoptique Launches “Locating the Intimate within the Global: Xavier Dolan, Queer Nations and

Synoptique has just released their latest issue “Locating the Intimate within the Global: Xavier Dolan, Queer Nations and Québec Cinema” (4.2), another solid publication featuring Concordia Graduate and Doctoral students amongst a host of other scholars! Kudos to the entire Synoptique team and everyone involved in this issue!


Table of Contents

Introduction Kester Dyer, Andrée Lafontaine, Fulvia Massimi

“A Boy’s Best Friend is His Mother”: Québec’s Matriarchy and Queer Nationalism in the Cinema of Xavier Dolan Fulvia Massimi

Les voix queers dans Mommy de Xavier Dolan Jason R. D’Aoust

Pouvoir et déclin de l’intime: Films postréférendaires, identité genrées et identité sexuelles Julie Ravary

Conceptualizing Quebec Cinema: Denys Arcand’s Cycle of Post-Referendum Films as Case Study David Hanley

Interview with Bill Marshall Kester Dyer, Andrée Lafontaine, Fulvia Massimi

Lectures croisée et piste réflexions autour de Laurence Anyways: intervention de Christina Brassard, Katrina Sark, Angela Urrea et Mariana Gil-Arboleda Christina Brassard, Katrina Sark, Mariana Gil-Arboleda, Angela Urrea

The True (Homonational) North, Strong and Free Clinton Glenn

The Lure of an Ever-Elusive Global Melodrama Meredith Slifkin

Digging up a Decade: Unearthing the Relevance of 1940s Horror Justin H. Langlois

Confused Auterism: What has Adoor Gopalakrishnan Got to Do With it? Parichay Patra

On Heroines, High Heels and Hierarchies: Challenging the 68th Festival de Cannes’ “Year Off” Bradley Warren

Cinemalaya 2015: A Decade of Philippine Independent Cinema Adam Szymanski

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