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Tess Takahashi Presents “A Mirror Avant-Garde: Women’s Experimental and Documentary Filmmaking

The Concordia Documentary Centre presents a screening and talk by Tess Takahashi titled “A Mirror Avant-Garde: Women’s Experimental and Documentary Filmmaking from the Filmmakers’ Co-op”

MONDAY, OCTOBER 19th 315-515pm, room FB 250

“Every single one of these films by women filmmakers, chosen from the collection of the Filmmaker’s Co-op, deserves to be written about, taught in classes, and considered in relation to the canon of avant-garde film and the tradition of documentary production” – Tess Takahashi is Scholar in Residence at the Filmmakers’ Co-op in New York.

Baby Doll (Tessa Hughes-Freeland, 1982) 16mm, b/w, 5m Mutiny (Abby Child, 1982) 16mm, color, 10 m Noyes (Bette Gordon, 1976) 16mm, b/w, 4m Abstraction (Rosalind Schneider, 1971) 8mm blown up to16mm, color, 8m All Women Are Equal (Marguerite Paris, 1972) 16mm, b/w, 15m The Scary Movie (Peggy Ahwesh, 1996) 9m What is a man? (Sara-Kathryn Arledge, 1958) 16mm, b/w + color, 10m

Space is limited; you must reserve by emailing

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