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The Concordia Cinémathèque presents Martha Coolidge’s VALLEY GIRL (1983) this Friday!

The Concordia Cinémathèques invites you to a free screening of a 35mm print of Martha Coolidge’s VALLEY GIRL (1983) this Friday, February 16 (7PM) @ Concordia’s J.A. de Sève cinema!

Admission will ALWAYS be FREE. Both students and community members are welcome to the screenings.

Priority access will be given to current and past Concordia student and faculty.

The Concordia Cinémathèque is a student-run and student-aimed screening series designed to showcase films from Concordia’s Moving Image Ressource Center (MIRC)’s 35mm archive. With one screening per month throughout the winter semester, and beyond, the Concordia Cinémathèque (CC) will aim to showcase a wide variety of films that would otherwise remain unseen outside of a classroom context (in which 35mm screenings are also becoming increasingly rare). The organization will also provide its participating students with a context, not unlike that of a student paper, in which to get a working experience of film programming and its connected disciplines (event planning, critical writing, hosting of screenings). It is our hope that, should the Cinémathèque’s pilot season succeed, the scope of the CC can be expanded beyond MIRC-sourced / educationally-licensed films, to include bookings of contemporary cinema or talks by guest filmmakers, alongside its original mandate – thus exposing students to the full range of responsibilities and skills necessary to work in professional film exhibition (i.e. contacting distributors, negotiation screening fees, coordinating guests, handling filmmakers, etc.).

For more information, please follow this link. 

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