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“The Enemy” comes to Phi Center on February 10, 2018

“The Enemy is always invisible. When he becomes visible, he cease to be the enemy” – The Enemy Is Here

Phi Center, in collaboration with the NFB, presents The Enemy, a virtual reality installation by photojournalist Karim Ben Khelifa from February 10 to March 10.

Description from the website: The Enemy “is an unprecedented experience that reveals the human side of war through the stories of six combatants fighting in three of the world’s most complex wars: the gang wars in El Salvador, the civil war in Democratic Republic of Congo and the Israel-Palestine conflict. By meeting these combatants face-to-face through virtual reality, visitors find themselves in the journalist’s seat and become invested in trying to bring the world’s attention to these conflicts and the suffering they produce.

Five users at a time can experience these remarkable virtual reality meetings at the museum installation. Equipped with a VR headset and PC backpack, visitors are able to move freely in a room designed with three virtual spaces, each containing two combatants from opposing camps of a conflict. Photos and Karim Ben Khelifa’s voice guide the visitors before they meet the combatants, who look at and talk to them”

Price: 15.50$ (13$ for students) Length: 50 minutes

For more information, please visit the website.

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