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Upcoming Event: From the Bedroom to the Classroom – November 9th

CUTE campagne sur le travail étudiant presents FROM THE BEDROOM TO THE CLASSROOM, with:

During the 1970s, students, parents, workers and unemployed people regrouped on an autonomous basis so that their work at school or in periphery can be recognized as a valuable work. At the time of an important restructuring of global capitalism known as neoliberalism, these activists led major struggles to obtain wages for their work, here in Canada as well as in the United States and Italy principally. Revolting against the multiplication of various forms of unpaid labour (housework and schoolwork) induced by the transformations of employment and work, they developed intersectional analyzes and political strategies to demonstrate the real value of the labour realized by exploited women, people on welfare and students. On the eve of the international day against unpaid internships, activists from the CUTE committees are organizing a collective discussion surrounding the broader topic of student exploitation. #globalinternsday

When: Thursday November 9th, 7 PM Where: Concordia University, Hall Building, 7th floor, Lounge  Free entrance. The presentation will be in English with French translation.

View this link for more information.

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