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Upcoming Workshop: Geopolitics of Italian Cinema: Expanding Postcolonial Approaches to Film Studies

When: October 27 & 28 Where: GEM Lab (FB630)

Luca Caminati (Concordia University) and Shelleen Greene (UCLA) will co-host a workshop titled “Geopolitics of Italian Cinema: Expanding Postcolonial Approaches to Film Studies”. This event is structured as a “Working Papers Workshop”, where participants’ papers will be made available to all other speakers and participants in advance. This format aims at providing an open forum to try out new ideas in an informal setting. Presenters will have one hour to present their work: 10 to 20 minutes to briefly summarize their argument and show clips if needed, while the rest of the time will be devoted to the discussion of the paper.

If you are interested in participating to the event, or to portions of it, please RSVP here. In so doing you will gain access to the papers as they become available. View this link for a more detailed schedule of the event.

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