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Welcome to Grad/Aperture!

A not so long time ago in a grad lounge not so far away . . .

Bill Murray wants YOU … to contribute to Grad/Aperture.

There lived a group of cinetologists who decided that the current MHSOC graduate student website was unhelpful and seriously, seriously boring (click here for the evidence). Under the guiding force of Masha Salazkina, we have banded together as an MHSOC Alliance to create an online hub for current and prospective students to check out all of the awesome things the MA Film Studies and PhD Film and Moving Image Studies graduate programs at Concordia have to offer and to right this terrible wrong for the next generation of students.

Ultimately, we hope the website will provide useful graduate student resources (calls for papers, journals, links, teaching aids, etc.) and regular updates (via blog posts and the calendar) about what’s happening at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema and in the larger Montreal film scene.

But we need your help!

 In order for the website to function at full throttle, we will be soliciting short entries from Y-O-U during the upcoming year. In other words, send us your stuff! Examples:

“A few of us presented at the FSAC Conference and took a couple of neat photos (attached) that we’d love to share! Also, here are the titles of our presentations. We’re so freakin’ smart.”

Or . . .

“Guys… there’s a new Timmy Hos (more formally known as Tim Hortons) right outside the FB Building! No more venti grande cinnamon vanilla cappalattes for me!”

Or . . .

“Hey, I applied for an external award last year and this nifty guide really helped me out with the application form! Here’s the PDF file . . . because sharing is caring.”

Send short informal blurbs like these to our team of magical elves at and watch as they edit, expand, and upload your suggestions to the website so that people can see all of the amazing things you are up to. There’s really no excuse not to submit because, well, we will do all the work for you!

Finally, the most convenient way to receive all of our handy-dandy updates is to . . .

“Like” us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

Happy reading!

The MHSOC Graduate Student Website Team

Malory Beazley

Andy Djaballah

Juan Llamas-Rodriguez

Teresa Lobos

+ more!

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