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What’s Happening? Upcoming Events (March 26 – April 1)

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

There are always plenty of exciting things happening in Montreal, but sometimes it can be hard to wade through the heavy mass of emails, invitations, and advertisements to know just what’s happening. To help you plan your week, we’ve compiled a list of exciting events, screenings, and talks that are happening in Montreal this week, March 26 to April 1, 2017.


Film students, cinephiles, documentary fans rejoice! Cinema Politica is screening Kirsten Johnson’s acclaimed Cameraperson this upcoming Monday night, March 27, at 7PM in Room H-110 at Concordia. This Montreal premiere will also have a post-screening discussion with Johnson, via Skype. Entrance is by donation!

David Schalko talk at Concordia (Mar 28, 6pm)

Austrian film director David Schalko will talk film and television on March 28th at Concordia University. After screening an episode of Schalko’s award-winning TV-show “Altes Geld” (“Old Money) with English subtitles, Schalko will discuss film, the arts, and the most recent political developments in Europe. Subsequently there will be a reception at Concordia University. The event will take place on Tuesday, March 28, 6pm, at MB 10-121, at Concordia.

Concordia alumnus, Alexander Carson, is bringing his feature film, O, Brazen Age to Concordia. Billed as “a tender and haunting portrait of friendship and faith in the 21st century,” the film will screen on Wednesday, March 29, at 7pm in Room 114 of the VA building. Plus, it’s free, and will include a post-screening discussion with the director. Check out the trailer below!

This week sees two guest lectures on experimental video and installation art, at McGill University. Dr. Kenneth White’s “I Love the Light: Influence Machines, Control Societies, and Tony Oursler’s Aetiology of Television” will in part look at Tony Oursler’s work with television monitors and closed circuit video technologies, while Dr. Soyoung Yoon’s “I see, as Plain as Plain Can Be: Animation, Slow Violence, and Peggy Ahwesh’s Lessons of War” will address the representational challenge of “slow violence” through a case study of Peggy Ahwesh’s video work. Check it out at Room 101, 3475 Rue Peel, McGill University, March 31, 3-5pm.


Do you have an event you think we should highlight? Let us know at

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