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Work-in-Progress (WIP) Workshop Series’ Upcoming Event: The Migrant Cinema (Feb. 12)

Works-in-Progress (WIP) Workshop Series presents: 

The Migrant Cinema: Indigenous Tibetan films produced by 乡村之眼 (From Our Eyes) Cui Yi

When: February 12 (5:30PM-7PM) Where: GEMLab, FB 630.15 In this presentation, filmmaker Yi Cui will introduce a selection of Indigenous Tibetan films produced by 乡村之眼 (From Our Eyes), a non-profit organization based in Kunming, Yunnan, China, that supports Indigenous audiovisual creation. The films have been created by Tibetan herdsmen, monks and young students and engage with the social, cultural and environmental issues of local interest.

Yi Cui will discuss the linkage between her current work with From Our Eyes in Indigenous Tibetan cinema and her other work on itinerant film screenings in rural China, which focuses on the migration of dynamic spectatorship and moving image performance through diverse cultural spaces.

Yi Cui was born and raised in northwest China and currently lives between her homeland and Canada. Before starting to make films, she worked in conservation ecology. She received her MFA in Film and Video from York University in Toronto. Her body of work consists of experimental, documentary, narrative and essay films. The constant search for the poetics in film medium is a recurring theme in her works.

About WIP: The workshop is meant to showcase new and developing projects by the Fine Arts graduate community (and beyond), creating a space for interdisciplinary critique and feedback. Encouraging the engagement of workshop participants, the emphasis will be on research methodologies and future directions. We aim to create a space for alternative methodologies and practices, investigating research trends in the humanities such as visual anthropology, digital ethnography, field recording and sound experiments, approaches to information technologies, and other on the ground research practices.

For more information on this and future workshops, visit:

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