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Grad/Aperture is the student-run website for graduate students of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University.

This website features information on grad student life at Concordia university more generally, as well as resources targeted more specifically at grad studies activities like T.A. / R.A. duties, grant writing, etc.

The current Grad Aperture Coordinator is Maggie El-Masry.

Certain areas of the site require a login password, if you are a student in the MA / PhD track you can send us an email at the link below or use the form on the left to send us a message in order to gain access to those pages.

Grad Aperture website designed by Teagan Lance.

Grad Aperture's original 2012 starting team was Malory Beazley, Andy Djaballah, Juan Llamas-Rodriguez and Teresa Lobos.

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