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Are you feeling overwhelmed and needing to know what basic things you need to get done? Check out the FAQs.

Prospective Student FAQ

Do I need to select an advisor before applying? If so, how do I select my advisor?

No, it is not necessary to select an advisor before you apply. You will  have time in your first semester to select an advisor. You can mention a professor you feel would be a good fit in your statement of purpose.


How many years does a full-time student typically takes to complete this program?

Typically, full-time students finish either the thesis or non-thesis track in two years: 45 credits.


What is recommended for the writing sample for the application for admission?

The writing sample is meant to show your ability to write academically.  Most applicants use a previous work either form a class or published work they feel represents their best work. The writing does not have to be a published work. The recommended length is 10-20 pages.


Letters of recommendation: Do they need to be submitted by Feb 1st or is there a grace period for the referees to submit the letters?

It is recommended that the letters arrive by February 1, but about a week grace period will be given for the final letters to come in after the February 1 deadline.


Do I need to get my previous university to send my transcripts?

Yes, but not to the cinema department. How do I submit offical transcripts?


International Student: Do I need to submit anything else as an international student?

No, your application process is the same as other students. You only need to submit your language requirements as they apply to you.


Financial Aid: If admitted to the program, am I eligible to apply to any type of financial aid and/or work study?

Funding is available to MA students on a competitive basis through a range of fellowships, scholarships, and other awards. Approximately 60% of incoming MA students receive some kind of funding, fee remission, teaching assistantship, or research assistantship. The funding is allocated on the basis of a student’s application materials, including prior academic record, letter of intent or statement of purpose, scholarly writing sample and letters of recommendation. Funding also  depends on yearly university allocation, though we strive to support our incoming and continuing MA students. Canadian students are also highly encouraged to apply to SSHRC and FQRSC MA scholarships before entering  the program. You are also encouraged to find your own funding.

Awards and Funding: Provincial & Federal

Awards and Funding: Other sources


Do I need to have a BA in film studies to apply?

It is recommended but not necessary to apply. Other BA degrees that are  often considered are: art history, film production, English, French, sociology, philosophy, history, political science communications, anthropology, social science, literature and sociology. It may be necessary to undertake up to 6 undergraduate courses in these cases depending on your admission decision.


Prospective Student FAQ


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