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Coffee and Juices and Beers! Oh My!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I was going to try and be witty and title this post “Coffee and Cigarettes” but it’s not really about smoking. And there is more beer on this list than coffee. And there are no places around Concordia where Bill Murray will appear as your waiter (which is a shame because that would be all sorts of awesome), but I digress. This is a post about where to find all sorts of delightful beverages around campus.


The perfect dive bar: cheap beer (occasionally served in plastic cups!), jukebox, and karaoke.  A great place to lurk in dank corners, drink, and get into increasingly slurry debates (film related of course!).

Location: 1239 Guy.

Price: Cheap.


Lots of yummy beers and occasionally some good live music. The food is tolerable.

Location: 1215 Crescent.

Price: 6$-15$

Café Myriade:

An alternative to Starbucks and Second Cup, Café Myriad is a small but atmospheric coffee shop with delicious espresso and an amazing chai latte! Also has a selection of tempting baked goods.

Location: 1432 Mackay.

Price: 3$ and 5$.


Once a favourite watering hole of Mordecai Richler, Grumpy’s is an atmospheric pub with lots of live music and whiskey fueled good times.

Location: 1242 Bishop.

Price: 5$-10$

Irish Embassy:

Typical pub. Decent food. Slightly pricey.

Location: 1234 Bishop.

Price: 10$ – 15$

Jugo Juice:

While it doesn’t exactly cure your hangover or make up your required vitamins after a week-long ramen noodle binge, the placebo effect itself makes it worth it. Plus, it’s mighty tasty!

Location: Guy-Concordia Metro, across from the gym.

Price: Under 15$.


The speakeasy in the basement is superior to the stuffier upstairs. Has a good selection of beers and liquors but the best thing about the place is the fries. Mmmmm, fries.

Location: 1426 Bishop.

Price: 5$ – 15%.

Thé Kiosque:

Lots and lots of tea choices with a few options for accompanying nibbles.  Super cute and friendly!

Location: 1428 Mackay.

Price: Under 15$

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