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Event: An Artist’s Almanac – Participatory Roundtable with Suzanne Kite @ Feminist Media Studio

When: Friday, November 13th @ 5:00-7:00pm

Online → RSVP here:

As part of the HTMlles Festival 2020 | Slow Tech Edition in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal. 

This online public participatory roundtable hosted by Kite and co-facilitated with Alisha Wormsley, Lindsay Nixon and Guadalupe Pérez Pita brings collaborators and co-conspirators of the Artist’s Almanac, a research and organizational project undertaken with the support of the Feminist Media Studio and the Digital Economies Lab to deliver resources and information to Indigenous, Black, and marginalized artists in Turtle Island (also referred to as North America). The Almanac seeks to “imagine backwards”, from a future where such artists have access to the resources they need and want to the present, where such information is collected into easily legible and printable resources.

Find out more about the event and its participants at Feminist Media Studio.

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