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MA Ryan Barnett Awarded the Doc Accelerator Scholarship!

Congratulations are in order for MA graduate Ryan Barnett, who was awarded the Documentary Channel Doc Accelerator Scholarship last year!

The Doc Accelerator scholarship  program consists of an intensive Festival-based curriculum and an extended mentorship job training opportunity. The goal of the program is to foster a new generation of Canadian documentary filmmakers by providing real-world skills development and economic opportunities within the documentary film, television and digital media industries.

During the Hot Docs festival, Ryan benefited from professional development sessions, workshops, and an all-access pass to the festival with travel and hotel accommodations. After the fest, Ryan will have the opportunity to be paired with  a successful Canadian documentary production company and will shadow a mentor for few weeks, gaining valuable experience in the process. 

For more information on the Documentary Channel Doc Accelerator Scholarship, visit their website

Way to go, Ryan!

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