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Mark Your Calendars: PhD Orientation

The new academic year is quickly approaching. As such we would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new PhD students and to catch up with current students. We see the beginning of this academic year as an opportunity to strengthen our ties as a research community, and to develop an even more collegial atmosphere for cultivating greater dialogue and productivity amongst the PhD student body. As such, this year we’ve decided to organize (on top of our annual beginning of year party) an afternoon wherein all students from our program can share their research related thoughts, experiences, and aspirations.

So whether you are just entering or are near completion of your studies, all members are welcome to attend to briefly introduce their research projects (approximately 7 minutes). Furthermore, we are also encouraging volunteers to present in greater detail on how their research unfolded during the different stages of their doctoral studies – comprehensive exam, dissertation proposal and writing (10-15 minutes).

This event will take place on August 30th in FB 405 (1250 Guy Street) between 2pm-5pm just in time to kick start the 2013/14 academic year, followed by drinks in a bar nearby.

For more information please contact Philipp at

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