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SHOUT OUT! PhD Antoine Damiens published an article in the Studies in European Cinema Journal

Shout Out!

PhD Antoine Damiens published an article in the Studies in European Cinema Journal!

In his article, “The queer film ecosystem: symbolic economy, festivals, and queer cinema’s legs”, Antoine examines the specific role of LGBT festivals in the circulation and shaping of queer cinema in Europe and America. In interrogating what Jenni Olson calls the ‘queer film (festival) ecosystem’ in terms of distribution and cultural value, his intervention is concerned with how films move from one circuit to another – attempting to understand LGBT cinema’s currency at the intersection of queer and non-queer festivals, but also American and European markets. In combining an institutional and historical analysis with a sociological approach to taste-making, he underscores the social forces that both shape and are embedded in queer film’s economy, between and across various circuits.

The full article can be found here. 

Congratulations Antoine! 

About the journal: Studies in European Cinema is a peer-reviewed journal providing an outlet for research into any aspect of European cinema and is unique in its interdisciplinary nature, celebrating the rich and diverse cultural heritage across the continent. The journal is distinctive in bringing together a range of European cinemas in one volume and in its positioning of the discussions within a range of contexts – the cultural, historical, textual, and many others.

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