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Concordia’s Film and Moving Image Studies journal Synoptique launches issue 5.2 “Cinema and Technolo

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Concordia doctoral students Jordan Gowanlock and Theo Stojanov are joined by Université de Montréal colleague Philippe Bédard as issue editors, with managing editor Rachel Webb Jekanowski.

The latest issue of Synoptique takes as its point of departure the identity of cinema as a technology of kinetic movement. Throughout cinema’s transformations across the twentieth and twenty-first centuries— from the earliest reels to current media formats of all types—few characteristics remain as intrinsic as inscribed kinetic movement. Kinetic movement is an index of change in physical space. It is velocity, acceleration, trajectory, force and momentum. It encompasses both movement on screen and movement of the screen. Kinetic movement is concrete, material, and felt. Our interest lies in locating what is historically and conceptually specific about kinetic movement, and to observe its persistence over the course of cinema’s history, even amidst so much apparent change.

The editing team invites graduate students interested in contributing to the journal or in getting involved in its operations to join us for the next meeting which will be called in early Fall ’17.

For more information on or to read Synoptique 5.2, visit

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